DIY Mini Greenhouse Australia

Award winning Mini Greenhouse

  • UV stabilised Cover

    The UV-stabilised cover is reinforced for longevity and protects against harsh sunlight, ensuring the natural photosynthesis process for your plants.

  • High Ventilation

    Control the climate in your mini greenhouse with 4 ventilation vents which can be opened or closed depending on the weather conditions.

  • Insect Protection Mesh

    Under the plastic cover of the mini greenhouse is a layer of insect protection mesh that will keep out unwanted pests.

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Australian Designed UV Stabilised Cover

Our Australian owned and operated team have designed the Mini Greenhouses with Australian Climate conditions in mind.

To ensure the mini greenhouse cover lasts for many harsh winters and summers, the UV stabalised cover has been designed with strength and resilience in mind and the perfect balance to allow sunlight through that enables the natural photosynthesis process.

Ventilation and Mesh

There are 4 vents built into the cover and each of them have a layer of insect protection. Open up the plastic covers to control the climate in your mini greenhouse when it gets warm.

The insect mesh beneath the cover provides strong protection to pests. The covers open up with weatherproof velcro to ensure longevity of the product.

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Mini Greenhouses that start the veggie growing season

Australian Designed

Designed for Australian Gardening conditions to weather the frosty cold and the harsh sun.

Easy Returns

Our products have been tested and handled by hundreds of grubby fingers but if you are not 100% satisfied, please get in touch so our team in Melbourne can provide a refund. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Extend your planting season

On average Mini Greenhouses extend planting seasons by up to 5 weeks as the warmth is captured in the polytunnel to help warm the soil and get your seedlings started sooner.

Quick Assembly

Our DIY mini greenhouses come with clear instructions that make it clear and simple to assemble. Making things simple is a big reason our mini greenhouse is award winning.

How to use a Mini Greenhouse

A mini greenhouse is a great choice for any gardener looking to provide extra protection to thier plants and extend the growing season. Here are the best tips for using a mini greenhouse:

1) Temperature Control: Mini Greenhouses can overheat when their temperates are not monitored causing stress to your plants. The ideal temperate for your Mini Greenhouse is 19 degrees celsius during Winter days and 26 degrees celsius during Summer days. Be sure to ventilate your mini greenhouse on days you expect the temperature to be too high.

2) Monitor Humidity: Mini Greenhouses can naturally become too humid as plants absorb moisture from the soil and transfer into its leaves. The build up of humidity can have an adverse reaction to your seedlings and the best way to combat this is through good venitiation. A cold frame is an alternative to a diy mini greenhouse with lower humidity.

3) Shade Management: Whilst a good amount of sun is ideal for most seedlings, Mini Greenhouses can significantly increase the UV a plant is exposed to, a healthy amount of shade is a good solution to any Mini Greenhouse.

How to grow seedlings in a DIY Mini Greenhouse

Whether you grow from a seed tray or sow direct into the soil, a Mini Greenhouse can grow seedlings whatever method is chosen and often more effective than a cold frame.

Seedling Trays: Sow your seeds into your seedling tray. To provide the soil with extra warmth, place the seedling tray inside your mini greenhouse. Be sure to ventilate your mini greenhouse to avoid any overheating, and water well as greenhouses are warmer so plants will need more water.

Sow Direct: Sow your seeds directly into the soil within a mini greenhouse. If your plant is suited to directly being sown, a mini greenhouse will provide the ideal ecosystem for the seedling to thrive, with protection from cold air and its ability to prvide additional warmth to the soil.

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