Types of Mini Greenhouses

Types of Mini Greenhouses

Mini Greenhouses play an important role when growing vegetables. There are many different types of Mini Greenhouses for different needs, from sowing seeds into trays and giving them warmth to direct sowing seedlings into the soil. These are the most common types of Mini Greenhouses that you can use in your garden:

Vertical Greenhouses

These Greenhouses are ideal when used to sow seeds into trays and pots. Thier height makes them easy to access without the need to bend over. The other benefit of these vertical greenhouses is they take up less space in the garden with thier smaller footprint, you can sow up to 6 rows of seedlings in a small patch of the garden. 


vertical mini greenhouse 


Its important to manage the location of these vertical greenhouses, in colder months full sun is key, however as you enter Spring and into warmer months they can overheat and burn small plants. Ensure you are ventilating vertical greenhouses on warmer days.


Mini Greenhouses

Ideal for placing pots and trays on the ground, or if you wish to direct sow seeds into the garden. Mini Greenhouses are ideal when you wish to give your seedlings the best start providing warmth in the cooler months and allowing you to start the growing process sooner. These ground cover mini greenhouses are ideal when wanting to transplant or direct sow seedlings into the soil. The most common vegetables to sow directly into the soil include:

  • Carrots
  • Beans
  • Beetroot
  • Raddish

Mini Greenhouses can get too hot as temperatures rise in Spring so its important to choose a Mini Greenhouse that has ventilation options

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