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Best Mini Greenhouses in Australia 2022

Get your seedlings in the ground sooner with your guide to the best mini greenhouses in Australia.

Mini Greenhouses have been an effective tool in the garden-kit for gardeners who are looking for ways to maximise veggie production. The best mini greenhouses have enabled gardeners to get thier crop into the ground sooner, even in chillier months, and protect thier young seedlings in the early days as they grow. This guide sets out to compare the 2 best mini greenhouses, what makes them great and how they differ from each other, to give you a healthy comparison as you get gardening.


The Products

The two leaders in the Mini Greenhouse segment are Harvest Village and Maze, both offering a leading small greenhouse that is worthy of purchasing. We set out to compare the two in the article below:

Harvest Village Mini Greenhouse 2m

harvest village mini greenhouse 2m

Maze 2m Garden Poly Tunnel

maze poly tunnel

Comparison Overview

Whilst both products have their pro's and con's, we think its fair to say the features of the Harvest Village Mini Greenhouse 2m far out weighs those of the Maze 2m Garden Poly Tunnel making it a better Mini Greenhouse.

 Product Harvest Village
Mini Greenhouse 2m
2m Garden Poly Tunnel
Cover UV50+ Protected UV50+ Protected
Cover Strength Strengthened to offer higher resistance to extreme sun  not discolsed
Cover Opening Large Cover Opening to enable garden maintanance Large Cover Opening to enable garden maintanance
Ventilation Offers Cross Ventialtion, with Windows on either side of the Greenhouse 2 Ventilation windows on the back
Insect Window Insect Mesh to protect against a range of pests Fly Screens
Weatherproof Velcro opening Velcro is weatherproof and ensures your greenhouse lasts no velcro


What to Consider in your Mini Greenhouse

Does it keep temperartures warm?
Both work well in keeping the climate of your mini greenhouse warmer than the cold temperatures outside, transferring those all important UV solar rays to your plants to ensure photosyntesis and warm the soil.

Can the Greenhouse be Ventilated?
The Greenhouses both have venitalition windows. However if cross ventiation is important to you, the Harvest Village Mini Greenhouse 2m stands out as its ventiation windows are located on either side of the greenhouse to maximise airflow.

Insect Window
Both products have an effective way of ventiating your greenhouse whislt keeping pests out with thier screens. Its important that your mini greenhouse has insect mesh when purchasing, as without it you expose your crop to unwanted disease.

Cover opening
Having easy access to your seedlinds is important so you can easily weed, water and pick veg. The Harvest Village Mini Greenhouse offers a generous opening that ensures you can access your garden veggies. And the Maze Polytunnel also unzips to enable this too.

Velcro weatherproof opening
A mini greenhouse will be exposed to the sun and rain and needs to be highly weatherpoof. The Harvest Village Mini Greenhouse 2m has the best weatherproof features, because the opening windows are all opened via Velcro, a highly weatherproof tool. Other gardening tools have Zip opening, which metals can corode in the rain/sun.


The best mini greenhouse is the Harvest Village Mini Greenhouse 2m. Its opening windows are weatherproof, not made from metal zips that corode but Velcro, its ventiation windows are on the opposite ends encouraging cross ventiation, its strudy frame and UV Solar cover make it the best mini greenhouse on the market.

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